Self-Pay Pricing

Self-Pay Payments are due at time of service. While the list below is by no means inclusive of all services offered, it does provide our most requested services and estimated cost to be seen without insurance. 

We accept Credit and Debit Cards as well as exact change as forms of payment

Visit Type

Initial Exam $150
Follow-up exam (Seen within 10 Days for Same or Ongoing Issue from Initial Exam) $75
K-12 School and/or Sport Physical $60 (If EKG Required Additional Charges)
DOT Certification with required Urinalysis $125
Rapid Urine Drug Test (12 Panel) $50
STD Testing and Treatment ~$175 Lab Fees Billed After Testing


Initial and Follow up Examinations may have additional charges if diagnostic testing, procedures, DME supplies, or procedures are performed.

Self-Pay Pricing for In-house Labs and Tests

Rapid Tests Flu, Strep, RSV, Urinalysis, Pregnancy, Non-fasting Glucose, Mono, BV, Tric, A1c, COVID $25 per test
Breathing Treatments $25
EKG $60 per test
X-Rays $50 per picture.

Self-Pay Medication Pricing

All Oral Medications (Antipyretics, Prednisolone, Anti-nausea) No Charge
Antibiotic Injection (Gentamcin/Rocephin) $25
Antihistmine (Diphenhydramine) $10
Breathing Treatment (Pulmicort or Albuterol) $25
Migraine (Imitrex) $75
Muscle Relaxer (Norflex) $15
Nausea/Vomiting Injection (Zofran or Phenergan) $40
Pain Medication Injection (Ketorolac) $45
Steroid Injection (Dexamethasone or Solumedrol) $40


MAJOR PROCEDURE COST -Discretion of the Provider- Incision and Drainage Ingrown toenail removal Fish Hook Removal Laceration repair sutures Laceration repair staples $150
MINOR PROCEDURE COST -Discretion of the Provider- Ear lavage or irrigation Foreign body removal Laceration repair glue Suture removal Staple removal $75

Orthopedic Supplies

Supplies Ace Wraps Ankle Supports Crutches Finger Splints Shoulder Slings Wrist Braces Walking Boots 35.00
Casting FiberGlass 35.00

Are you experiencing a severe headache, severe chest pain, severe abdominal pain, stroke or heart attack symptoms, major injury or bleeding, or blood clots? If so, you need more than immediate or urgent care, call 911 now!