For Cash Pay Customers

Initial exam visit $125
Follow up visit (for same medical condition within 10 days from initial visit) $50
Pre-Employment Physical $100
School/Sports Physical $50
DOT Physical $100
Nurse's Visit $35
Urine Drug Screen $50


All services below are charged in addition to the above exam fees.

Wound repair, abscess drainage, Ingrown toenail, ear irrigation, etc. $150
Orthopedic Splints  
Sling, Ace wrap, splint, brace, crutches $35 per unit
In house Lab and Tests  
Rapid tests done in the clinic: (flu, strep, RSV, urine, pregnancy, glucose, Hg, mono, BV, Tric, A1c etc.): $20 per test
Urine Drug Screen $50
X-rays $50 per area
EKG $60
Breath alcohol test $25 per test
STD testing (as per discretion of the provider) $100 to $500
Injection Treatments  
Antibiotic Injection $25 per injection
Pain medication injection $45 per injection
Nausea/vomiting medication injection $40 per injection
Steroid injection $40 per injection
Migraine injection $75 per injection
Breathing Treatment $25 per injection
Vaccine for influenza (Flu shot) $25 per injection
Vaccine for tetanus $85 per injection
TDAP $85 per injection


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